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TripRider - Travel Planner app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3088 ratings )
Travel Productivity
Developer: Minoa d.o.o.
4.99 USD
Current version: 5.10, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 10 Sep 2012
App size: 71.86 Mb

Plan your trip with absolute freedom. Organize your travel plans, document your journey, share your trip and keep all trip details in one place. Easy to use. Works offline. Your travel companion on the go.


The Travel Magazine: ...This is the ultimate travel planning app...

Fotoreise: ...Easy to use and very flexible...

Getaway Gear: ...Its about getting excited to travel...

Playboy Slovenia: ...Among the best is definitely TripRider...

Travel with Bender (Travel Blog): ...The awesome travel app... its going to save your travel headaches...

OverYonderlust (Travel Blog): ...A wonderful addition to any travellers mobile software collection...

HerPackingList (Travel Blog): TripRider is an excellent tool for keeping organized. It brings together functions of many different apps into one...

Beers & Beans (Travel Blog): ... It is the Swiss Army Knife of travel apps...


TripRider helps you travel with ease. Organize your trip plans and keep all trip details in one place and have them ready when you need them.

Make a daily itinerary, safely store your documents and tickets confirmations, plan your budget, create a packing list, track your expenses and more.

Easily document all your journeys, write a travel diary, make a photo collection and share your trip plans and memories with your friends, family and fellow TripRider users.

This easy-to-use app makes it possible for everyone to create their very own travel story. From a trip plan to the final trip book (a nicely designed pdf document).


● Trips & Journeys
● Trip Plan  
● Packing List 
● Wallet  
● Travelers  
● Maps 
● Must See & Do  
● Photos & Places 
● Expenses   
● Diary 
● Quick Notes
● Briefing
● Share Trip  
● Photo Album  
● Trip Book (pdf document)
● Backup & Restore to/from Dropbox
● Peer-To-Peer data transfer (transfer data between two nearby devices). Available as in-app purchase.

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Pros and cons of TripRider - Travel Planner app for iPhone and iPad

TripRider - Travel Planner app good for

I dont travel a lot, but I have used this app for long trips, such as the two month visit to Australia, and an upcoming trip to Newfoundland. It is great in the planning stage for keeping reminders of what needs to be done, and its also a terrific way to do a day to day diary, including expenses, when on the trip. Finally, it provides an excellent means of keeping the memories alive after the trip.
Great app. Easy to use and comprehensive. Keeps all your travel plans safe with their respective budgets. The design is nice too. I just love it! A must for globe trotters.
Great app for planning your voyages. Just one detail about the must see items. They can only be added in the plan trip section by selecting an specific date. Personally, sometimes I begin by selecting the things I wanna do or see and after that I scheduled the dates according to the distance between each place or the time spent in each activity. So, I think it would be handy to be able to add the must see items directly from the must see section. I love the app
After latest update and a good pimp up its even better. I planned an entire 16 day Central American -3 countries- road trip. All documents, notes, addresses, reservations, links, tickets, to do and to pack lists.... Everything you need for your trip is in one app. Budget and cost calculation is a great help. I havent started using it for keeping a travel diary yet but already for planing and organizing it has been worth its price. I arrive at the airport, hotel or bus station, and all I have to do is to open my app and I have all documents I need quickly. I recommend it to all travelers out there.
Very good app, covering expenses, photos, trip planning, maps, notes, traveler information, documents, packing list and allows shares and integration with Dropbox and Facebook. Just as a suggestion for improvement: the permission to change the main menu of each trip.
This app is exacly what I was looking for. Perfect to plan a trip!

Some bad moments

Bloatware. Try to add a flight: you have to first pick the day of your trip, then enter information about the accommodation then scroll down to where you can enter activities for the day, then select airplane and then enter your information. Can you make this anymore difficult and cumbersome?
I had high hopes that this app could be used for planning, but it is not really designed for that; but you cannot build your trip incrementally, there are way too many required fields. For example, planning a trip to another country, you may not know where ("the place") an event will occur, but the app requires "place" in order to save the entry. Basically, you have to know a lot about your trip before putting the details in the app, (it wont let you save and finish later). Also, does not enable you to enter flight duration. asks for the departure time, but cannot add the duration (or arrival time) which is pretty important if planning things like transportation or other events upon arrival.
This app is proving to be very useful and beautiful to look at, although a bit too expensive. Two enhancements would make it even better: the ability to add/change categories in the packing list and the ability to sync trips between iOs devices. Overall a good app.
The real gem in this app is the Trip Plan module, which lets you plan day by day where youll go, what youll see and do, and what transportation connections you need to make. The interface is very clever and shifting dates and destinations is simple and easy to do, just like rearranging tasks on a to-do list. Thats a huge benefit over a standard calendar app when youre still trying to figure out possible itineraries, but dont know the exact dates. The app also has other modules, like a packing list and diary. Frankly, there are other apps out there that do a better job with those things. But that Travel Plan module is the best Ive seen anywhere for planning the nitty-gritty of a trip and trying out different scenarios before you hit the road. I hope the developers will keep tweaking and making the app better, but its already quite useful - particularly in planning a long trip.
I am planning several vacations and have an iPad mini that I want to use to capture my trip In a journal. I have tried several of the journaling apps and found them to be confusing and needlessly complicated. I wanted an app that is intuitive with the ability to seamlessly capture my experience in words and pictures. I dont need a bloated app that can provide 100s of fonts or fancy borders for my pictures. I want an app that a real traveler can use on the go, easy and fun at the same time. I have found the perfect journaling app in Trip Rider. From the first moment that I opened TR it looked polished and easy to understand. I really did not have to read the help menu to get started I just started to open the different area of the app and it came alive, I almost jumped out of my chair, finally an app that gets it. From the first moment I started to populate the pre-vacation fields it became so easy the essence of my vacation unfolded in front if me, the more I used TR the more I wanted to use it. I could feel the excitement of my vacation building. As I started to use TR I noticed a few areas that gave me ideas for the app that could have used a tweak for my type of travel. I sent a feedback Msg and within a very short time I received a reply and confirmation that in fact my idea would be incorporated in the next update by the end of the month. I have now used every aspect of the app and found it to be the very best for journaling in the App Store. My vacations are backpacking, cruising, motorcycle rides and weekend getaways.
I was looking for an app that would help us plan a complicated trip and this one worked the best. You can enter all your details, no matter how vague, and then refine them later. Most of the other planners I tried made you enter plane flights before you could map out the itinerary. With this app, we could scribble in plans, then work out the details later. And this app can contain a lot of details--photos, notes, dates, packing list, maps, credit cards, tickets, and currency. In the end, you can print out a pdf of the entire trip. Im not sure I want to do that, but its nice to have the option. And the app also presents excellent summaries of each day, which we will find very useful. If I have any quibbles, its mostly little things. For example, it would be nice to have the app go find currency values rather than having to type them in. And a basic packing list would be nice, too. On my wish list is an integrated browser that lets me snip out pages, so I can save hotel and sightseeing information in a clip-book for later reference. In any case, we found this app to be exactly what we wanted for trip planning. And so far, no bugs.