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Helpful tool

I dont travel a lot, but I have used this app for long trips, such as the two month visit to Australia, and an upcoming trip to Newfoundland. It is great in the planning stage for keeping reminders of what needs to be done, and its also a terrific way to do a day to day diary, including expenses, when on the trip. Finally, it provides an excellent means of keeping the memories alive after the trip.

Just horrible!!!!

Bloatware. Try to add a flight: you have to first pick the day of your trip, then enter information about the accommodation then scroll down to where you can enter activities for the day, then select airplane and then enter your information. Can you make this anymore difficult and cumbersome?

You cannot download your itinerary

I wanted to download my trip in Pdf so I can share with my family but I cant, not so good

Not designed for planning

I had high hopes that this app could be used for planning, but it is not really designed for that; but you cannot build your trip incrementally, there are way too many required fields. For example, planning a trip to another country, you may not know where ("the place") an event will occur, but the app requires "place" in order to save the entry. Basically, you have to know a lot about your trip before putting the details in the app, (it wont let you save and finish later). Also, does not enable you to enter flight duration. asks for the departure time, but cannot add the duration (or arrival time) which is pretty important if planning things like transportation or other events upon arrival.


Great app. Easy to use and comprehensive. Keeps all your travel plans safe with their respective budgets. The design is nice too. I just love it! A must for globe trotters.

Just one thing

Great app for planning your voyages. Just one detail about the must see items. They can only be added in the plan trip section by selecting an specific date. Personally, sometimes I begin by selecting the things I wanna do or see and after that I scheduled the dates according to the distance between each place or the time spent in each activity. So, I think it would be handy to be able to add the must see items directly from the must see section. I love the app

Dont miss out! Its great

After latest update and a good pimp up its even better. I planned an entire 16 day Central American -3 countries- road trip. All documents, notes, addresses, reservations, links, tickets, to do and to pack lists.... Everything you need for your trip is in one app. Budget and cost calculation is a great help. I havent started using it for keeping a travel diary yet but already for planing and organizing it has been worth its price. I arrive at the airport, hotel or bus station, and all I have to do is to open my app and I have all documents I need quickly. I recommend it to all travelers out there.

Very good App

Very good app, covering expenses, photos, trip planning, maps, notes, traveler information, documents, packing list and allows shares and integration with Dropbox and Facebook. Just as a suggestion for improvement: the permission to change the main menu of each trip.

Exactly what I needed!

This app is exacly what I was looking for. Perfect to plan a trip!

Really usefull

I Downloaded the app for our recent tripp and liked it very much. Really usefull to have all informations in one place.

Perfect App

This is the perfect app for what I was looking for. I am planning a six month trip and wanted a place where I could store my trip plan details, make a custom packing list and track my budget. This looks great so far. I cant wait to use it while abroad. Love the password protection for sensitive information. Wish there was a way to link added travel partners to the trip plan since I will be meeting up with various people for different amounts of time. Also, excited to see how the trip book works out once the trip is complete.


Im one of those people who makes a binder for each trip. My companions laugh but they are also the ones who come to me for answers and "whats next?" 20 times a day! :) Its hard to pack a huge book around though, and scanning every document into iBooks isnt the easiest way to organize things for quick retrieval. TripRider seems to have figured this out and built a solution for the chronically organized! Its not "perfectly" customizable but its the best one Ive found yet (and Ive spent a ton of time looking).

Great app! Worth every penny!

It does what is says, great look and it works great!

Good app

This app does a very good job in helping to organize my trip. Some things would be nice to have, such as a meal planner for going camping for example, but overall Im happy.

Best travel app

Best app for travel! It is so flexible and perfect when you are planning your own trip. You can attach pictures, PDF, copies of your tickets, whatever you want. You can backup everything in your Dropbox too. You can share your trip, you can create a trip book and have a nice overview of everything which you can also share. At the beginning, I was not sure how to do something, I wrote to them and they answered right away and were so helpful. Highly recommended. I had tried a few other apps, and this is the best by far.

Lack sync and autocomplete

Definitely needs iCloud syncing and google maps auto completion for places.

Good app

Easy to use. Good trip planner. Nice interface

Simply the best travel journal app

First, let me start out by saying this is the first review Ive written for anything let alone an app. Do a search for travel journals or diaries in the App Store and TripRider comes no where near the top of the search list. After having tried out tens of other travel planner apps I finally came across TripRider. It was the first app that met all the criteria I was looking for in a travel journal / planner. The beautiful layout and UI was an added bonus. It has made planning my next trip such a pleasure. I found a small bug in the app and reported it to the TripRider staff. I received a personal reply in less than 24 hours and an update to fix the bug was in the App Store in just over a week. I cant say enough good things about this app.

Like it!

The best app of this kind, everything you need before the trip, during the trip and after the trip to organize a great holiday or business trip.

Хорошо! Но нужен русский язык!!!

translated into Russian and will be fine!

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